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Stephen Brady

Patricia Wells

Patricia De Propis





From left to right: Randy Lewis, Dean Laws, Gary Musacco, Dan Wood, Terry Janssen, Damon Harwood, Bill Winkelholz, Vince Prugh and Jim Bishop.  Photographer: Jim Pagliuso Newport Beach 12/12/12


Left to Right Mike Zabaro, Pete Webber, Wayne Lund, Scott Atkinson, Rich Wisman (seated), John Muckel (hiding under the cheeseburger), Ron Barkley (seated), Jeff Lindeman, Jim Pagliuso (front), Jim Nash (back)Jan 31, 2011 Bob's Toluca Lake


From left to right: Gary Musacco, Jim Pagliuso, Rick Bullock, Jim
Bishop, Dean Laws, Terry Janssen, Randy Lewis, Dan Wood, and Bill
Winkelholz.  December 2010