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"Thanks to all on this page who have confirmed their addresses.
The following list will be updated as we confirm additional contact information."

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Last Name First Name Given Name
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Married Name Photo Bio Date Deceased
Then Now
Hale Tanya Tanya, Radebaugh Sept 30, 2017
Hamer Betty Betty, Ann Salas April 3rd, 2017
Harwood Damon Damon, Preston Feb 9, 2016
Hatfield Ron Ron, T.   October 18, 2002
Hawkes Evelyn Evelyn,   around 2005
Henninger Sue Suzan, Kathleen Fetta May 20, 2017
Henry Bob 'Coach' Bob, July 18, 2015
Hitchens Jackie Jacquelin, Ann Cole   1910
Holle Angelica Angelica, I Fessler   December 29, 2004
Howard Marcus Marcus, R. Mar 21, 2017
Overend Judith Judith, Marie Healy   May 10, 1996